About Us

The mission of Catholic Charities is to be Christ’s merciful love to those who suffer.

Our mission is carried out by Catholic people and others in fraternal goodwill pooling their resources to reach out and assist those in need. In so doing, Catholic Charities is the primary instrument of the Church in carrying out the works of mercy.

As a conduit of Christ’s love in providing works of charity for all people – those who receive and those who need to give – we will continually assess the needs of the whole person — material as well as spiritual, gather the necessary resources and assure the provision of programs accessible to those served.

Our Values

Faith - Trusting in God to order our path daily and through His grace to lead us to eternal life in His loving presence

Hope - We now see glimpses of our Creator in the Church, Her Sacraments and the love of His people; our ultimate Hope is in His promise that we will dwell with Him for eternity

Charity - A love that comes directly from God and is shared with the world through His people; this love is selfless, sacrificial and unconditional

Dignity - Endowed with a spiritual soul, with intellect and with free will, the human person is from his very conception, offered to God and destined for eternal beatitude

Solidarity - Equal in God’s creation and united in the love of Christ, every person is our brother/sister – this solidarity must be lived through us daily as we “bear one another’s burdens”