Our staff joins in our mission to be Christ's merciful love to those who suffer. 

Deacon Kevin Sartorius

Chief Executive Officer

Dcn. Kevin Sartorius, CEO

Deacon Kevin Sartorius serves as the CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma. He began his career at Catholic Charities in 2004 as Development Director and became Executive Director in 2009. An innovator with a tireless, “can-do” spirit, Deacon Kevin has led CCEOK to become an incredible force for good to those in need throughout their 31-county diocese.

As Executive Director, Deacon Kevin led the capital campaign – Mission of Hope: Changing Lives with Love – which raised $22 million to build Catholic Charities’ Tulsa campus. With the new campus came two new programs: a dental clinic and an adult education program, as well as a new home for ten other programs operated by the organization. Additional capital campaigns later resulted in Porta Caeli House, a home for the dying, which opened in 2017, and The Market at Catholic Charities, which opened in 2022.

Over the years, Deacon Kevin and Catholic Charities have become a trusted leader in the community when a crisis strikes Eastern Oklahoma – including the 2019 floods, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Afghan refugee crisis. The organization is proven to be nimble and competent when facing a challenge and their example is being shared across a network of similar nonprofits across the country.

Each year, Catholic Charities serves more than 70,000 people in need in Eastern Oklahoma without regard for race, color, or creed; approximately 85% of whom are not Catholic. The majority helped are the working poor, those living on the margins, where just obtaining basic food and shelter are daily challenges. Their programs include food assistance, a home for the dying, a dental clinic, a pregnancy clinic, adult education, immigration legal services, refugee resettlement, counseling, healing retreats and disaster outreach. They also offer two residential programs, one for working single mothers and their children and the other for pregnant women and their newborns.

In addition to his service at Catholic Charities, Deacon Kevin serves on the Ascension St. John Mission Committee, the Tulsa Chamber Advisory Council and the Board of the American Red Cross.

Deacon Kevin has a degree in Political Science from Oklahoma State University with a Certificate in International Relations, a Certificate in Catholic Social Teaching from Catholic University of America. He completed a comprehensive six-year academic formation program leading up to his ordination as a deacon for the Roman Catholic Church in 2011.

Deacon Kevin and his wife, Jennifer, have seven children and live and home school on 20 acres, surrounded by other families who share the same goal for a simpler way of life and eternal happiness. 

Dcn. Erick Bell

Chief Program Officer

(918) 508-7186

Laurie Gero

Chief Development Officer

(918) 508-7116

Dcn. David Hamel

Chief of Mission Integration

(918) 508-7171

Joe O’Connor

Chief Financial Officer

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Jennifer Cook, DDS

Senior Director | Counseling, Dental Care, Pregnancy Care

(918) 508-7155

Catie Coulter

Senior Director | Adult Education, Immigration Legal Services, Workforce Development

(918) 508-7103

Julie Dulek

Senior Director | Porta Caeli House, Refugee Resettlement, Transitional Living

(918) 508-7182

MaryLynn Lufkin

Senior Director | Disaster Outreach, Eastern Oklahoma Outreach, Emergency Assistance, Healing Programs

(918) 508-7149

Tim Neuman

Tim Neuman

Senior Director | The Market, Warehouse, Kitchen, Garden, Mary Martha Outreach

(918) 935-2628

Kojo Asamoa-Caesar
Immigration Legal Services
Managing Attorney
(918) 508-7184
Christine Barzellone
(918) 508-7170
Liliana Carbone
Catholic Charities Muskogee
(918) 681-6115
Kelly Cassidy
Volunteer Engagement
(918) 508-7125
Pete Chacon
Program Analytics
(918) 508-7186
Debbie Crowley
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
(918) 508-7114
Kailen Daniel
Refugee Resettlement
(918) 508-7110
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