Statewide adoption Services are provided by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

Please visit for more information or call (405) 524-0969.

Post Adoption Search

Post Adoption Search is a program that allows any adult member of the adoption triad (birth parents, adult adopted person or adoptive parents or family members) to gain knowledge about the other parties such as non-identifying medical information, or contact information. Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma has been providing adoption services since 1972 and have maintained all adoption records since that date.

To access post-adoption services, call (918) 508-7170.

Other Programs in Tulsa

Madonna House

A residential program for women who are pregnant and above the age of 18. 

918-508-7140 or click here.

Maternity Care

Provides free pregnancy testing, prenatal and postnatal care patients are under the care of licensed OBGYNs, registered nurses and an on-staff counselor.

(918) 508-7199 or click here.