Adoption Services

Adoption is a loving and rewarding journey of life for children, birth parents and adoptive parents.


Important Information

Services Offered

The mission of St. Anne Adoption Services is to be Christ’s merciful love to pregnant women, children and adoptive families. We educate, assist and equip those making parenting plans to meet the needs and best interest of the child.


Hours of Operation

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

We have a 24-hour HOPELINE for anyone needing help with pregnancy-related services.

(918) 978-4673

Considering adoption for your baby?

Services for pregnant women considering adoption include:

Court-approved living expenses
Medical care
Selection of couples who are approved to adopt
Adoption planning
Coordinating the legal requirements for adoption
Hospital planning, coordination and visitation
Counseling before and after birth
Education and vocational classes
Referrals for housing
Post-adoption Services

Questions and answers about adoption:

Who selects the adoptive parents? 

Birth mothers can review the approved families eligible to adopt. Birth parents select the adoptive parents from the couples who have an approved adoption home study with Catholic Charities. The birth parents determine if they want to have an open, semi-open or closed/confidential adoption and are matched with adoptive families with the same desire.

What if I have not applied for medical care and have no insurance? 

We can help. We have prenatal care on campus and we can assist with the Medicaid application. Deliveries through the Catholic Charities Pregnancy Services occur at Saint Francis Health System or OSU Medical Center.

For more information or to talk to someone creating an adoption plan, call or text our 24-hour HOPELINE: (918) 978-4673


You may also fill out this form and we will contact you during business hours:

Want to adopt?

Services for couples considering adoption include:

  • Education about adoption
  • Adoptive Home Assessment
  • Sharing of waiting families on Catholic Charities website
  • Hospital planning, coordination and visitation
  • Post placement visits and reports for the Court
  • Counseling before and after the placement of the child
  • Coordination and referral for all the legal requirements for adoption
  • Post-adoption services

Questions and answers about adoption:

What are the requirements for adoptive parents?

Those of a Christian faith, who enter into Holy Matrimony, in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching and Canon Law, must meet the following requirements: married for three years, between the ages of 25-50, no history of child abuse, no criminal history and an approved Adoption Home Study. We only place with Oklahoma families unless the birth parents prefer an out of state couple. Family life is a vocational calling and faith is a part of the adoption journey.

How long does it take to adopt a baby?

After couples have an approved Adoption Home Study, the placement of a child with their family can be as brief as a few weeks to as long as a few years. Catholic Charities primarily places newborns and infants, however, on occasion we have assisted with placements of older children.

How do we begin?

Couples should complete the online pre-application. After submission and acceptance, each couple will attend an orientation meeting to begin the adoption journey.

Eligibility Criteria

Those of a Christian Faith, who enter into Holy Matrimony, in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching and Canon Law* must meet the following criteria:

Married at least 3 years
Member of a Christian Church
Between ages 25-50
Legal resident of the United States
OSBI Criminal History Clearance
Child Abuse Clearance
Documented/approved medical evaluation by MD or DO to become adoptive parents
Evidence of financial stability
Approved Adoption Home Study

Yearly requirements to adopt:

15 hours of Adoption Education by husband and wife
Updated and Approved Adoption Home Study

Couples who meet criteria of the Indian Child Welfare Act must provide copies of CDIB/enrollment card.


*1. Code of Canon Law: Canon Law Society of America, Title VII. Marriage CAN.1055 – 1062


Adoption is a life-defining event meant to be celebrated and we share together in these special moments together. Each May, Catholic Charities celebrates all mothers with a special Mass. 

For all events and support groups, see our Calendar of Events for specific times, locations and registration information.


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