Bartlesville volunteer leans on CC-MMO for help in her time of need


"Debbie is one of the most kindhearted women you could meet. We are thrilled to help Debbie and others like her maintain the spirit of Christmas."

A few years ago, a long-time volunteer named Debbie became a widow. Around the same time, two of her sons were incarcerated, each leaving behind several children with mothers battling drug addiction and unable to provide care. Rising to the challenge, Debbie took in all six of her grandchildren. More recently, her niece was incarcerated, and Debbie has now also taken in her two children. As a result, she is a single grandmother raising eight children.

Debbie showers all her kids with love, but she faces significant challenges, both financially and in meeting the needs of eight active kids aged nine to fifteen. Her encouragement in their sports activities means she is always on the go.

In her scarce free time, Debbie volunteers at Catholic Charities Mary Martha Outreach (CC-MMO). She is a woman of deep faith and expresses immense gratitude for the support she receives. Debbie has stated that without the food and clothing provided by CC-MMO, she would struggle to care for the children adequately. The generosity of neighbors has also enabled CC-MMO to help Debbie with toys for the children’s birthdays. Additionally, the CRE students from St. John and St. James parishes have raised funds to buy Christmas presents for her children, and they have a special gift planned for Debbie as well.

“Debbie is one of the most kindhearted women you could meet," said Misty Wishall, Director of CC-MMO. "She is unaware of the special gift coming her way. She’s incredibly humble and would feel guilty asking for something for herself. We are thrilled to help Debbie and others like her maintain the spirit of Christmas.”

Catholic Charities Mary Martha Outreach serves the Bartlesville area, providing services including a food pantry, clothing center, and crisis response. They also offer diapers, haircuts, and toiletries to those in need.

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