Monte Cassino holds annual diaper drive

FOX23 News Staff

Monte Cassino School is holding their annual diaper drive for Catholic Charities. 

Students and staff have donated many boxes already this month.

Students were asked to buy specific sized diapers based on their grade. 

So far, they have brought in more than 11,000 diapers. 

"Ten years ago this year, I was at Catholic Charities with our middle school students, we were doing a day of service there and they had a shelf for diapers and there was literally one diaper on the shelf. It was a newborn size and those were the only diapers that were there. So I called a couple of students over and I said look at this and they said, 'Well if you tell us where the rest of the diapers are, we'll restock this," said Sister Julia Marie Roy. "I said, no you don't understand, this is all the diapers. And they said that's not good. And I was really upset, you know, that there were no diapers for these families. And I remember telling the kids, I said I want us to fix this. And I remember I prayed, and I said to God, I said this is unacceptable, and I felt like God said to me, so fix it."

Roy said they bundle the diapers in stacks of ten because that's how much the charity can give out at a time to maintain stock.

"Over the years we've given about 250,000 diapers total," Roy said.

Roy said she can still see that empty shelf and how devastating it was, and it inspires her to continue her efforts with the diaper drive every year. 

Those wanting to donate to the drive can drop off or deliver diapers to Monte Casino located near 21st and Lewis in Tulsa. 


Monte Cassino holds annual diaper drive | FOX23 News Staff