Family of 7 makes ends meet with help of Catholic Charities Muskogee

“We are hardworking people who need the help of Catholic Charities Muskogee to make ends meet. It helps us to remain a family.”

For Ky and Jesse Cagle, life with five children and getting by financially is a delicate balancing act. This young family doesn’t have much when it comes to possessions, but they have an abundance when it comes to love and a strong family unit. Both Ky and Jesse are hardworking people with full-time jobs, but their full-time salaries don’t bring in nearly enough to raise their large family.

Their hourly pay is slightly more than minimum wage, which is just not enough with this growing brood. To take on second jobs would mean separating the children in order to leave them with others while they work evening shifts.

This is why they look to Catholic Charities Muskogee, whose assistance makes it possible for them to make ends meet financially, but most importantly to stay together. Catholic Charities Muskogee is just one of eight outreach locations that help serve 29 counties in Eastern Oklahoma. As an extension of the main campus it Tulsa, each location provides slightly different services. In Muskogee, there is an emphasis on food and infant and child care items. Ky says she is extremely grateful for the diapers and wipes provided here, but also likes preparing protein rich meals with the meat she has access to from the pantry.

“It’s unbelievable how quickly the kids outgrow their clothes,” says Jesse. “It’s a fun outing taking the kids to Catholic Charities. The children have so much fun going through the bins of clothing and choosing what they want to wear.” He says they feel good about themselves wearing their new outfits to school.

“It is rewarding to help this young dedicated family,” says Liliana Carbone, Catholic Charities Muskogee Coordinator. “You can just see how much love and respect they have for each other. It’s wonderful watching how kind the siblings are with one another, you can just tell they are really being cared for.”

Caring for their young, large family is the goal. Ky and Jesse realize that caring means much more than just food and clothing but it also means time together and much love. Because of Catholic Charities Muskogee, they are able to meet this goal.

“We are hardworking people who need the help of Catholic Charities Muskogee to make ends meet,” says Ky. “It helps us to remain a family.”

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