Chef Michael Fusco finds the perfect balance at Catholic Charities

Chef Michael Fusco, a long-time top chef in Tulsa, has joined the staff of Catholic Charities as manager of Kitchen & Garden Ministries. Chef Michael brings his love of fresh ingredients and healthy eating by preparing delicious meals for our clients. Sharing a meal together is also an important opportunity for fellowship and community. 

Fresh, local and seasonal is what I call “gourmet”. I hope to teach our clients to feed their families in a healthier way and Catholic Charities is providing more fruits and vegetables than ever before!

The reason I came here is because I want to work and live my faith at the same time.

I want to use my gifts of cooking, food service and seemed like Catholic Charities was the perfect place to do that. 

It’s not only to serve the Lord, but I want to have more free time with my family. I have a 10- and 11-year old who want me to go to soccer games and football games. The demands of the restaurant business didn’t allow me to do that. I’m thrilled about this new chapter in my life!
My long term goal is to minister to those in need. I want them to feel the Catholic Charities hospitality through our kitchen. Our clients are so important and serving them is our avenue to grace...because that is what Christ calls us to do.  

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