Students help stock Catholic Charities food pantry on Ash Wednesday

Chinh Doan | News on 6

Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting for many Christians, and Bishop Kelley High School students helped feed the hungry.

Everyone involved with the Feb. 22 volunteer efforts said it is especially humbling to be there on Ash Wednesday.

They said they are using the volunteer experience to reflect on their Lenten Season.

With ashes on their foreheads, about two dozen students from Bishop Kelley started the Lenten season by serving.

The ninth through 12th graders went straight from school to Catholic Charities' the Market.

The Market said about 130 families in need each day come to pick out foods and toiletries for free, five days a week.

Senior, Regina Penny, said it is special being here.

"On this day specifically, we're supposed to sacrifice something, and I think right now, it's like our time,” said Penny. “We're sacrificing our time to help others that need it more than us.”

Tim Neuman, director of The Market, said this place would not run without the dozens of volunteers every day.

"I think they're seeing the need is real in the community,” said Neuman. “They see when they come in here, these shelves are full at the beginning of the day, you look now and they're empty."

Bishop Kelley Chaplain, Rev. Duy Nguyen, said this time together helps everyone reflect.

"We sometimes, we forget to be thankful, or we take things for granted, so to be able to step back a little bit just to reflect and to see what we have been given so much," said Rev. Nguyen.

While many people are fasting on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent, the volunteers said they are humbled by what others must sacrifice every day.

"I eat quite a bit, so not eating as much is hard, but it's a sacrifice that you have to make just like Jesus did for us. It kind of makes you sympathize for the people that are hungry on a daily basis," said senior, Andrew Plaisance.

If you would like to volunteer with the Market or Catholic Charities, click on this link:


Students help stock Catholic Charities food pantry on Ash Wednesday | Chinh Doan