Way More Than Summer Break

It's way more than a summer break for these three high school students...it's building life-skills, caring for our neighbors, and inspiring others through their generosity, smiles, and laughter.

Brothers Antonio and KyJuan first came to Catholic Charities with their mother for assistance with food and clothing. While shopping in the clothing center, they met "Miss Renee," our distribution center manager, and things just clicked. Soon they and their friend Starsha were volunteering in the clothing center, food pantry, and warehouse.

When asked how mom inspires the brothers, KyJuan chimes in, "She's friendly! That's where we get our friendliness from. She talks to everyone she sees. Literally." Antonio feels that volunteering will help him build the skills needed for his future. Starsha says she likes to give to others because "People gave to us when we didn't have it." These incredible high school students choose to volunteer because it is a way for them to "pay it forward." It's way more than a summer break. It's love changing lives. 

Thank you so much for your service, Antonio, KyJuan, and Starsha!