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Considering adoption for your baby?

We can help if you are choosing adoption for your child. Adoption has become a loving choice. We know that it takes a lot of thought to make an adoption decision, and that’s why there is no wrong time to choose adoption for your baby. Whether you want to start the adoption process early in your pregnancy, at the hospital or even after you’ve taken your child home, it can still be an option for you.

If you’re considering adoption for your baby, you don’t have to say “goodbye” forever. When you choose to have an open or semi-open adoption, you can continue to have a relationship with your child and the adoptive family. This can come in the form of updates through letters or emails, photos, phone calls, visits or more.

Every relationship that’s shared between a birth family, child and adoptive family is unique. When you choose to place your child for adoption, you can also choose how much or how little contact you feel comfortable having with your child and the family both during and after the adoption.

We help with:
  • Screening and matching of the adoptive family
  • Medical care throughout the pregnancy
  • Coordinating the meeting with the adoptive family
  • Housing and food
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • Navigating an open or closed adoption
  • Financial support, as approved by the Court 
  • Answering questions and concerns about the legal rights of the biological father
  • Support in the hospital at delivery
  • Legal support for adoption at no cost
  • Support after placement
Father of the Baby

In today’s adoptions, prospective birth mothers have more control than ever before. Women who choose adoption for their babies plan the future for their baby and make important decisions to turn those visions into reality.

But what about birth fathers? How does the father fit into these decision-making processes? What role can they play in adoption?

The relationship between every prospective birth mother and the father of her baby is going to be unique. A birth father’s rights, role and impact on the process can vary on a case-by-case basis. That’s why answering questions like these can be so complicated.

Whether you are a prospective birth mother wondering how to move forward with an unsupportive birth father, or a birth father who wants to be a supportive and helpful participant in the adoption process, we can help you. 

Is adoption an option in my circumstances?

This is a common fear expressed by prospective birth mothers: “Can I choose adoption for my baby in my circumstances?”

People of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life choose to place their children for adoption. No matter what a woman’s situation, adoption is almost always an option for her and her baby.
Still, if you are considering placing a baby for adoption, you might have questions about how your unique circumstances will impact the process. Do you have the right to make an adoption plan if you are a minor? What if you are facing certain challenges in your life, like incarceration or an existing DHS case?

Please call or text our 24-hour HOPELINE at (918) 978-4673 or click here for help.

Can you give a newborn up for adoption if you have an existing DHS case?

If you have children who are in DHS custody and then you become pregnant, you can choose adoption for your newborn baby. Choosing adoption is a brave thing to do. It can be the best option for your baby, and adoption can have benefits for a prospective birth mother as well. Primarily, choosing adoption for your newborn allows you to have control over the adoption process. Unlike when DHS is involved in placing children in foster care, this is your decision. You make the adoption plan.

Regaining control in this way can also help you focus on other areas of your life, like working hard on your reunification plan with your other children who are in foster care. Since you won’t have to worry about raising another baby, you can put more energy into being reunited with your older children.

Working with Catholic Charities means getting access to things like counseling and adoption guidance, as well as being eligible for adoption financial assistance during the adoption process. For the baby, adoption is an opportunity to grow up in a loving, stable environment.

If you would like to give a newborn up for adoption when you have an existing DHS case, your first step is to call Catholic Charities Adoption Services at (918) 508-7142 or call or text (918) 978-4673. After you put the plan in place, we will work with you and your DHS caseworker to let them know that you are choosing to place your baby through private adoption with Catholic Charities. Your caseworker will need to verify this with Catholic Charities and will stay closely connected throughout the process.

Please call or text our 24-hour HOPELINE at (918) 978-4673 or click here for help.

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Call (918) 508-7142 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

or call or text our 24-hour HOPELINE

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