Services for Adoptive Parents

Catholic Charities will meet with you and help you discern the pathway for adoption. 

How do you begin?

We would like to help you with your adoption journey by setting up a free consultation with Mary Lee Weaver, LCSW.  Mary Lee is an adoptive parent and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has more than 20 years of experience helping couples navigate their adoption journey.  Click here to set up your appointment with Mary Lee.

Catholic Charities will meet with you and help you discern the pathway for adoption. 

Some questions to consider: 

Do you want to adopt a newborn? A sibling group? An older child?

Domestic Adoption or International Adoption?

What’s involved in an Adoption Home Study and who can conduct an Adoption Home Study? 

What adoption agencies are in Oklahoma?

What’s the difference between working with an adoption agency and an adoption attorney?

How much does it cost? 

All of these topics and more will be reviewed in this free consultation. Catholic Charities will provide names of private therapists who conduct Adoption Home Studies and names of other licensed adoption agencies and adoption attorneys because Catholic Charities no longer provides Adoption Home Studies. 

Services for couples considering adoption include:
  • Referrals for the Adoptive Home Study
  • Referrals for licensed child-placing agencies in Oklahoma
  • Attorneys who specialize in adoption
  • Educational resources about adoption
How long does it take to adopt a baby?

The national average for adoptive placement is five years and only one in 100 live births results in an adoption plan. 

Yearly requirements to adopt from a licensed child placing agency:
  • 12 hours of adoption education by both the husband and wife
  • Approved Adoption Home Study
  • Yearly updated Adoption Home Study until placement

Couples who meet the criteria of the Indian Child Welfare Act and have a CDIB card are the only couples who can adopt a child who is eligible for enrollment in a federally-recognized Native American tribe. 

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