Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats Registration & Questionnaire

The retreat and registration process are confidential and the names of all retreatants are kept in strictest confidence.

In case of emergency during the retreat, who may we contact?


The following questions are very personal, but your answers will help us to understand where you are in your healing process and whether you have any special needs that we should be aware of. 

All inquiries are confidential.

You do not need to be Catholic or even Christian to participate in a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat. The retreat is Catholic in its presentation and you will have opportunities to attend Mass and to receive private counseling from a priest.
COVID-19 Protocol
One week prior to the retreat, you will be asked about previous exposure or diagnosis with COVID-19. Please help us provide a safe environment with a timely response at that time. You will be asked to wear a mask during the retreat and we will take your temperature upon arrival.