A transitional housing and support service program for working mothers with children. Residents work toward financial independence and strong, fulfilling family relationships.

Important Information

St. Elizabeth Lodge is a program for single moms and their children who are experiencing a time of transition and need a soft place to fall. Our families come from situations of eviction, domestic violence, family break-up, couch surfing, or reunification. All of our families are unique in their circumstances, but all share in experiencing a difficult transition. Residents at St. Elizabeth Lodge enjoy an apartment to call home, the safety of a secure facility, and the support of others in a similar situation.

These are some of the things that residents of St. Elizabeth Lodge achieve during their stay:

  1. A safe and healthy environment for me and my children
  2. A deeper relationship with God
  3. Career Assessment
  4. Savings
  5. Healing of strained family relationships
  6. Resolution of legal issues
  7. Maintenance of sobriety or recovery
  8. Pay off debts
  9. Make lasting friendships
  10. Earn my GED
  11. Begin higher education
  12. Gain confidence
  13. A sense of peace
  14. Emotional healing through counseling
  15. Practice in developing and achieving goals with the guidance of a Program Coach
  16. Positive and fun experiences with my children
  17. Parenting support

Applicants to St. Elizabeth Lodge should be employed at least 20 hours per week and have custody of their child(ren).

The first step in the process is to complete the application.

Once the application has been reviewed, an interview may be scheduled.

The application and interview process can take up to two weeks.

  • Childcare – One Monday per month at 6pm and every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm
  • Meals for Moms – Provide a Sunday evening meal for the residents of Madonna House or St. Elizabeth Lodge. Meals provide the opportunity for residents to enjoy fellowship with one another.
  • Christmas Sponsorship – Sponsor a Madonna House resident or St. Elizabeth Lodge Family for Christmas. Wish list will be provided.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner – This is a great opportunity for a group to provide a traditional Thanksgiving Meal for all residents of Madonna House and St. Elizabeth Lodge.

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