For many, hard times come when they least expect it

“Out of the blue times got really tough!”

52-year-old Todd Matsuo wasn’t expecting hard times to hit when they did. Due to a work-related injury, he found himself not only healing from surgery but also without a job. He says “out of the blue times got really tough” and that’s when he showed up at Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma for help. He is grateful he heard about The Market at Catholic Charities through a friend. Here, he learned he could get plenty of food free of charge AND choose the healthy items he needs to nourish his body and get better.

During his six-week post-surgery healing time, he shopped at The Market and was able to have food stability, which he says added to his peace of mind. The donated food helped him get his health back and reduced his financial stress. Todd recently secured a new job as a butcher at a local grocery store and is grateful for the help of our organization and getting back on his feet.

The Market at Catholic Charities is in need of volunteers! To learn more, visit