Myanmar refugee celebrates big achievement

“I feel comfortable receiving help from Catholic Charities because they don’t discriminate,” says Hau Cing. “The staff is kind and giving to everyone. I am especially grateful for my ESL and GED teachers.”

In her cap and gown, 35-year-old Hau Cing stood on the stage reflecting on the magnitude of what she accomplished. Her long-awaited graduation was a culmination of a lengthy journey and a great deal of diligent work. Her journey involved risk, separation, dedication and the ability to ask for help from Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma.

This chapter in her life started in 2013, when she and her husband fled Myanmar seeking the freedom of the United States. After establishing themselves in Tulsa in 2016, she realized that to live the life she envisioned in America she would need to get to work. Her biggest priority was to start learning English, which is often no easy task for those from Asian origins. Next was getting her GED, which she says took her four years and several unsuccessful attempts at passing the test. During that time, she and her husband welcomed a son (who is now 7-years-old) and purchased a home.

So, on this special evening at Cascia Hall Preparatory School, this incredible woman from Myanmar, alongside her family and her fellow graduates, received her long-awaited high school equivalency diploma. She is proud to be a part of the Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma graduating class of 2022. Hau Cing says she is thankful that six years ago, when she arrived in Tulsa, she asked for help and guidance from an organization that isn’t just about learning English and getting a GED, but being surrounded by love and support throughout her brave journey. What does her future hold? Her plans are to attend Tulsa Community College to study accounting.

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