Way More Than Graduation

Rosario said that she came to this country with a lot of sadness because she was leaving everything behind. She knew that it was going to be difficult because everything was new. "I didn't know where to start to get used to being here. So I decided to start with what I like the most: learning new things." 
As Rosario began working on her English through Catholic Charities ESL classes, she got the idea to also pursue her GED. Rosario says she soon was registered for class and surrounded with wonderful classmates. Not only did Rosario graduate, she was valedictorian, and passed the Math section of the exam with a perfect score. "This diploma means to me the opportunity to recognize, that even as a mother, with adult responsibilities, and with all the challenges that we have in life, we never should stop setting goals to keep going." 
Rosario, in her valedictorian speech, thanked Catholic Charities and those in the Adult Education program for giving the students recognition, support, and hope, even when they were stressed and ready to give up. She says the teachers and staff gave not only hope for success on the test but hope for becoming better people. She continued on to say, "I hope with all my heart, that this is not the end. That everywhere we go, each one of us can try to put our hearts, in any situation, into recognizing people who love us - angels that we get to know, in places that we don't expect, who help us to improve our lives. Above all, never forget there is a God, that will always take care of us and tell us, 'I'm always with you.' Take the risk, and do it - you will learn more than math, or science, or language. You're going to have the chance to get to know wonderful people. Congratulations!"
It's way more than a graduation, it's Love Changing Lives.