Dignity is at the forefront of The Market at Catholic Charities

As record inflation causes food prices to skyrocket, food pantries are needed more than ever by those struggling to make ends meet. Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma has introduced a new concept for giving food to the hungry in the Tulsa area. The Market at Catholic Charities opened in April...

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For many, hard times come when they least expect it

“Out of the blue times got really tough!” 52-year-old Todd Matsuo wasn’t expecting hard times to hit when they did. Due to a work-related injury, he found himself not only healing from surgery but also without a job. He says “out of the blue times got really tough” and that’s when...

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Myanmar refugee celebrates big achievement

“I feel comfortable receiving help from Catholic Charities because they don’t discriminate,” says Hau Cing. “The staff is kind and giving to everyone. I am especially grateful for my ESL and GED teachers.” In her cap and gown, 35-year-old Hau Cing stood on the stage reflecting on the magnitude of...

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Okmulgee residents lose everything in May 2022 flood

“The deafening sound of rain started at around noon,” says Billy Rose, “and by 2:30 am it was ‘get out with the clothes on our backs and grab the dogs’.” Okmulgee resident, Billy Rose, and his 76-year-old mother, JoDale Gipson, say they had never experienced rain of this magnitude in...

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Afghan teen leads family into new life in America

During a recent visit to a large urban park a few miles from his home in Tulsa, 17-year-old Shahrukh Khalilbeak pushed his brothers and sisters on a swing and shimmied up a climbing structure, looking relaxed as he posed for photos while trying to maintain his balance

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